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Omg I wake up this morning check my phone there 21 people watching me (my face : •_•) I am so happy!! Thank you all for watching me to be honest I want to draw something for you guy but it Friday morning so I ganna do it sometimes sooner or later

Thank you for watching me!!!!!!!!! :D
One more person till 20 watcher YESSSSS!!!!!!
Hillgon request
If there anything you want me to change please tell me and give me a star if you like it. Thank youThank You Hearts Sign  
Okay who watches this :
And have this reaction?*Inhale*

Sre they make up?How did they make up?Are they dating?What a bout jackie?Is Tom going to be a mane character now?
Is Tom go to help Marco help Star?Is Marco fight in a battle with star?Is Janna and Tom ganna meet?Why is Marco wearing that?IS THAT ECLIPCA!!!?Are ganna go back to Earth?Is Tom going to go to school to?Are Tom and Janna ganna date like most of the fandom?AHHHHHHHHH WHAT GANNA HAPPEN NEXT?!!!!!!!!THE CURIOUSLY IS KILLING MEEEEEEE!!!

Thank for your time to listen to me blabbering(fangirling) about SVTFOE Season 3
Photoshop (My friend work)
My friend did this in photoshop and she not sure what people think of it so if you like it said in the comments maybe I might convince her to play DeviantArt
Chapter 11 The End part 1

Everyone was surprised when the portal close till Raimondo ask me "Where-.....Where did you teleport him"

"The part of universe that you shouldn't know or go there" I answered "Hey boy genius I think this thing belong to you" I said as I give him the portal gun back

"Thank.......ya know first I thought you were more.........emotionless" Jack joke as he take the Golden Tiger claws out with the Changing Chopsticks

"Ganna take THAT as a compliment thank you"

"So what now?" Kimiko asked 

I look down with a sad face cause I don't know what to do next "We go back and finish the job once and for all" Dark speak up

"Are you-are you crazy? Last time we were there they almost got kill! And you got hurt!! If you think I ganna let any of you risk your life just to help me with MY problem!!! And get kill just because of ME then forget it!!!!" I yell "It was MY fault that Dark lord here!!!! And it was my fault that this world GANNA GET DESTROY!!!! And it- " before I could finish Jack pull me into his arm to hug me and make me surprised 

"Stop saying it was your fault. None of this is your doing so stop feel like it is. You did nothing wrong stop blaming it on yourself" he said as tear start to coming out of my eyes and hugging him back

"Yeah it okay we willing to risk our life for ya partner" Clay continue and come to hug me on the right side 

"Together till the end right?" Kimiko said and hug me on the left side

"We will alway be there for you AS." Omi said as he and Dojo hug my leg (since they little)

"We in this together we get out of this together" Raimondo said and hugging me from the back 

"Princess you can't change the past but you can change the future so? Let do this?" Dark said from outside of the hugging group 

"Thank you...*sniff*..Thanks you so much" I literally cry out my sentence almost can't figure it to be a real words 'This is it no more untrusting they do all this just for me.......they willing to risk they own life for me and I willing to risk my for them as well' I thought and 
wipe my tears off "Let do this and do you guys mind ? stop hugging me!" I joke as everyone stop hugging me 

              *Time skip*

We were so close to the dark castle we just one mountain to go "Maybe we should turn back when we have a chance" Dojo finally speak up after quite for so long that I almost forgot about the little guy

"We can't really turn back now lil'fella" Clay said to Dojo

"That what I scared of" Dojo  continue and hide in Clay hat again 

"Hey when we get in there Dark Lord will hear everything we say right?" Kimiko asked 

"Yeah so?" Raimondo replied 

"SO if we speak of our plan in there he will know what coming and the plan will not work" Kimiko answer as she stop walking up the mountain follow by the other 

"Kimiko is most right we need to be as stably as possible we must be like a tiger hunting for food" Omi said 

"Maybe we could u-" 


"But it-"

"I don't wanna do it and found out your deepest darkest secrets okay?"

"But it the only way"

"Ummm...Jack what are you and princess argu about?" Dark asked 

"How hard could it be to tell them!"

"It hard as much as I living my life!!"

"Okay if you won't tell them I will"

"Tell us what?" Dojo asked 

"Jack NO"

"AS.-have-mind-reading-power" he said it really fast


"Well that amazing why you don't wanna use it partner?" Clay asked 

"It might work but I can't really make it that stable" I answered "That mean how long I using this power THAT how much I know about your secret"

"Hey now all we really care is saving the world besides! What the point of you know our secret if you not ganna stay here" Raimondo said 

"Rai right ya know" Kimiko continued

"FIND here goes everything" I signed and using my mind power on everyone 'everyone hear me right?'


'Loud and clear'



'Yes princess'

'Let do this shall we? We ganna die. We ganna die TT' Jack asked me as he smile at me warmly and pull his hand out waiting for me to take it

'I can't turn back now can I? And great pet talk by the way' I said as I take his hand

"Angel and Jack sitting in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G~" Kimiko and Raimondo start to joke about me and Jack I don't really take it awkward till Jack face turn red and yell "SHE N-" before he could finish I cover his mouth and asked him 'do you want dark lord to find us!!? Cause he is one mountain away ya know' 

'Yeah shut up both of you and let move' Dark sai- (Writter : errr think? What should I- grr let just say he tell the gang) 

'I am most agree with Darkness' Omi repeated 

              *Time skip*

We now in the dark castle being honest I kinda get the feeling that it will not be easy like every time I did it but it will not be so hard cause I know I got my backup 

'So now?' Kimiko asked and look at me

'Yeah what are we waiting for?' Raimondo continues asked me form the other side of the room with Clay

'We need to wait for the right time we can't just risk trying! Jack did you and Omi find the control room yet?' I asked Jack and Omi that right now are two stairs below me

'Nah not yet' Jack answered 

'A.S. Are you certain that this floor is the right floor?' Omi asked 

'Of course I certain just keep looking' I answer and realize that Dark is not behind me anymore 'Wait where's Drakness?'

'Up there?' Clay asked and point up at the skylight at the top off Dark Lord

'Dark what in the world are you doing up there?!' Kimiko asked 

'It okay I'm a backup remember?' he answered 

'Up there? Dude what if the glass break!!?' Raimondo asked 

'You know what fine Dark you can be up there but if we fell this mission because the glass break down it will be no place in universes for you to hide from me understood!!?' I hiss

'Yeah sure whatever Omi did you and Jack find the control room yet' he quickly change the topic

'Not yet dark. Is he trying to change the topic?' Omi responded 

'Probably I mean A.S. just asked us like thirsty second ago' Jack joke

'Ya know I can still hear you right?' Dark asked 

'Yep, yep we kn-wow hey AS. is the controls room have the engine that look like a central of the Earth and some kind of electricity around it?' Jack asked

'Ummm...Yes? Why?'

'We just hit the jackpot' Omi  answered 

'As in Jackpot spicer?' I joke and smirk a little 

'See I told ya that my middle name' Jack tell the monk

'Okay groan later Jack, Omi let start the party' dark give the signal

Everyone nodded and we start our plan

              ^Jack P.O.V^

'Okay so I just throw this piece of junk in their. Piece of cake it not like it ganna be any DANGEROUS at all' I thought 

'You do realize that we can hear you right?' Kimiko asked 

'Right...The mind connecting thing' I replied 

'You okay Jack? Cuz I want to remind you that it was your idea to use my power' A.S continued 

'Sure I'm fine..except the fact that we about to die by hand of evil demon and even if we got out alive you ganna be gone and I never got to see my first crush again and I sti-'



'We still can hear you'

I stops with embarrass and realize that I just told A.S. that I have a crush on her

'Kill me'  I thought and face plam myself

'Dude still hear you' Raimondo joke I swear if I have martial arts like them I WILL kill that Brazil boy

'Are we ganna start the plan or what?' Clay asked 

'Yeah we should probably start our plan' Kimiko repeate

And so I act like not thing happened and put the microship thingy in the heart of the ship 
'Seriously someone need to design this place I mean this is to easy even for me' I thought 'And YES I know 'You can hear me'!' 

I can feel that everyone glare at me about to tell me that 'they can hear me' even though we on a completely different floors except Omi that half ignore half annoy by me 

'Ok let start state two rightttttt' Dark wait for the dramatic moment 'now!!' He give a signal after the power goes out 

A short moments (like a minute and a half) later the explosion start happening up stairs 

"Please be okay A.S" I whisper and clearly it not quite enough 

"Jack Spicer why are you concerned with what will happen to A.S that much?" He asked 

"What? Is it wrong now to worry about something?......or someone?" I answer with the question 

"No of course it not wrong to worry or care of something or someone. But it just out of your character to be worry about someone other than yourself" Omi answer

"It just.....oh never mind you wouldn't understand anyway" I about to say what I been worry for a while but I stop cause I know he wil say something nonscene

"Just what Jack?" He asked 

"I said NEVER MIND" Jack give him an annoy glare

"Please Jack I promise I won't telling anyone" He continued to buging me

"I SAID NEVER MIND!!!" I yell at him "It not like you would understand of how it feel to helping someone you have a crush on leave you!!"

I continue yelling even though Omi try to say something I just cut him off "And I know I not the only guy that in this situation but other can visit they crush once and awhile but I CAN'T!!" 

The silence go on the only thing we can hear are our foot steps and the fighting up stairs "I think I already understand Jack" he finally spoke up "And don't you worry your little secret feeling for A.S save with me"

"I doubt it. Come on let go before it-" before I finish I felt like something blasted me in the chest but there no  one blasting me or any wound there "what was that?"

Then out of nowhere A.S fell down form the ceiling with the wound on her chest cause Dark Lord blast 

"A.S!!!" Omi and I yell and run towards her "you okay?" I asked with panic

She wake up and first thing she did is put me and Omi out of Dark Lord and immediately her wound gone and so as my pain

"No harm?"

"No I don't think so"

"Good stay here" And then she go fly to fight again 

"Ya two okay?" Raimondo asked and run to us with the other 

"We in good condition" Omi answered while the only thing that I can do is watching A.S fight 

"She'll be okay" Kimiko put her hand on my shoulder and try to comfort me when about to say something they feelings that I get blast happen again at the same time as Dark Lord blast A.S

"Partner ya okay?" Clay asked when I realized that 'Oh no that mean she-'

"SOMEONE CALL HER DOWN NOW!!!" I yelled with panic 

"Why?" Dark asked 


"Okay okay geez"

After that A.S seek out and fly diwn where we are and asked angrily "WHAT is it so important that-"

"You the Xiaolin dragon of wood"


Ch. 10 -…

Ch. 12 - Coming soon

I own nothing except my oc and drakness. If you haven't see Xiaolin showdown yet you should go watch it it an amazing show. Thank for reading this fanfic bye~


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